Live-In Dementia Care in Worcestershire and Nationwide: Compassion, Respect, Dignity

Few things can be as difficult as navigating the emotional stresses of a loved one suffering from dementia.
At Spring Retirement, our team understands how hard it can be to juggle your time to provide adequate support on your own. With our highly trained carers, we can offer an alternative to residential care for your loved ones. With live-in care, your loved one can get the support they need, allowing them to stay at home in comfort, security, and with continued control over their life.
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Why Choose Us

When looking into live-in care for your loved one, especially in the case of dementia care, trust is not easily given. Over five years, we have built a team of qualified and experienced carers who understand deeply the individual needs of everyone we care for. We want to create a partnership with you and your loved one to ensure continued happiness and well-being at a difficult time. From our base in Worcestershire, we can provide care nationwide. 

Embrace Independence

Moving into residential care can present tremendous challenges for those with dementia. Familiar surroundings are vital to quality of life. Spring Retirement’s dementia care service makes full and continued independence possible, providing the highest quality of home care. Your loved one can continue in their routines in the home that they know with our live-in care in Worcestershire and beyond.
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Qualified Dementia Care

Round-the-clock care for a loved one is a difficult enough prospect in itself, but dementia care presents its own unique set of challenges. We have built a caring, compassionate team on the foundation of professional experience and training. Whatever the challenges that your individual case might present, we can find a carer closely matched to your needs. Above all, a live-in carer will be a companion to your loved one, providing friendship and bringing joy to every day.
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Complete Assistance

Our live-in carers can help with anything your loved one might need from a carer. From everyday tasks such as personal care, dressing, and meal preparation, to the finer details such as medication management, you can take comfort in the knowledge that all their needs are met.
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To chat with us about dementia care in Worcestershire, surrounding areas and nationwide, get in touch. We do not believe that dementia should mark the end of anyone’s ability to live independently. With the care, compassion, and leading commitment that Spring Retirement provides, we can help your loved one to live in the same peace, comfort, and joy that characterised the rest of their life–give us a call to discuss how we can help.
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