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When you or a loved one needs round-the-clock care, it can be daunting. You may think the only option is living in a nursing or residential care home. Our live-in care services are designed to allow you to remain in your home environment while receiving the care you need. We’re passionate about ensuring those facing change also face choices, providing options which accommodate different requirements in different ways to provide comfort, security and assistance to all of our clients.
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At Spring Retirement, we provide compassionate and reliable Live in Care in Worcestershire for those who need assistance with daily living activities within the familiarity of their own home. 

Our trained and experienced caregivers work closely with clients to create personalsed care plans that meet their unique needs and preferences. We facilitate this by providing a qualified, experienced, professional carer to provide the highest quality home care. 
We can provide the care you need from two weeks, or on a permanent basis. The needs of those in our care vary significantly. Some need just a little help throughout the day. Others, at the other extreme, need someone awake, by their side, day and night. Our initial assessment will identify the level of support that is right for you to begin with.

If you or a loved one requires Live-in Care in Worcestershire, contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help. Our Live-in Care services are available across England, so don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
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Exceptional expertise
Our thorough experience has taught us that professionalism plus kindness, works wonders.
Emphasis on community
We help our clients to nurture and enjoy their communities, especially when the going gets tough.
Independent professionals
Being small and owner operated, we can focus on the priorities of clients, not distant shareholders.

Setting up care for you or a loved one

A guide on the process of setting up care
1. Find the right service
Decide on whats right for your loved one. Find the right service thats most suitable to your needs and start your care journey today.
2. Get in touch with us
Call 01386 365 247 or fill in our contact form to find out how we can help you.

3. Book an Assessment
We will complete an initial care assessment to create a care plan which is specific to your needs, preferences, and culture.

This service is free of charge and without obligation.
4. Finding your perfect carer
We’ll use the care plan to identify the carers with the right skills, experience and personality, to provide you with the continuity you need.
5. Care starts
Once care starts the management team will complete regular visits, as well as being in regular contact to make sure that everything is going well.
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What is Live-in Care?

Our live-in care service offers a compassionate and kind alternative to residential living that prioritises the well-being and independence of our clients. Our dedicated caregivers provide continuous support and assistance right in the familiar surroundings of your own home, ensuring a smooth transition and minimising disruption to your daily life. This personalised approach allows individuals to maintain their routines, cherished memories and connections with family and friends, while receiving the necessary care and attention they require.
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Our Live-in Care

At Spring Retirement, we provide compassionate and reliable live-in care in Worcestershire for those who need assistance with daily living activities within the familiarity of their own home. We can provide the care you need for the time you need it, covering anything from two weeks to permanent residence. The needs of those in our care vary significantly. Whether you need a little extra help throughout the day or someone awake, by your side, day and night, we work with you to provide the support and structure you require. Our initial assessment will identify the level of support that is right for you to begin with, providing you with reassurance and clarity at a time of big change.
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The Benefits of Live-in Care

- Personalised attention and companionship around the clock
- The comfort and security of your own home
- Customised care plans to boost independence
- Flexible scheduling options to give day-to-day variety
- Meal preparation tailored to individual taste and preference
- Privacy when you need it
- Upheld dignity
- Encouraged independence
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Our Caregivers

Our trained and experienced caregivers work closely with clients to create personalised care plans that meet their unique needs and preferences. We facilitate this by providing a qualified, experienced, professional carer to provide the highest quality home care. We understand the importance of continuity and trust in caregiving relationships. We carefully match each client with a compatible caregiver who possesses the necessary skills and expertise to suit you. Our caregivers undergo rigorous training and continuous professional development, committed to enhancing the quality of life for our clients by offering compassionate one-on-one care. Whether it's assistance with personal care, medication management, meal preparation, companionship or emotional support, we deliver personalised care with empathy, respect and dignity.
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We’re Here To Look After You

We’re small and personable, with a team big enough to extend our services widely, assisting with a variety of needs in a variety of domestic circumstances. We understand that your requirements will be personal to you, which is why we operate on a flexible care package. Whether it’s someone to talk to, physical assistance or emotional support, we provide a service that compliments what you need, working with sensitivity to offer as much comfort and assistance as possible.
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Prices start at just over £1000 per week, offering an competitive rate to residential living that’s tailored directly to your needs. Our team goes above and beyond to create a warm and nurturing environment where clients feel valued, respected, and cared for. With our live-in care service, you gain the security of knowing that your loved one is in capable and caring hands, receiving the help they need while enjoying the comforts of their own home.
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Your Live-in Care Needs

Examples of the types of services we can provide:
  • Companionship
  • Support with medication including, collecting prescriptions
  • Maintaining contact with health care professionals, making and accompanying to appointments
  • Assistance with washing, showering, bathing and dressing
  • Assistance with toileting needs
  • Preparation of meals
  • Light household work to keep your home clean and tidy, such as bed making and laundry
  • Assistance with pets
  • Help with shopping
  • Mobility/Moving and Handling (including hoisting)
  • Help with mental and physical exercise routines, from Sudoku to walks in the park
  • Leisure trips.
An Example of the care and support needs we are able to meet:
  • Dementia care (including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s)
  • Out of hospital rehabilitation (for example: hip replacements) Respite or ongoing
  • Stroke
  • Learning disabilities and Autism
  • Acquired brain injuries
  • Neurological conditions
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Complex needs: PEG feeds, stoma and catheter care, oxygen therapy, nebulisers, Non-Invasive Positive Ventilation.

Comparing Live-in Care to a care home

Our Live-in Care Service
One - to - one care and companionship
Remain in the comfort and familiarity of your own home
A personalised care plan promoting your independence
Freedom of choice with your daily routine – every day can be different
Meal preparation matching your personal taste preferences
Privacy when required
Dignity and independence
Leave your house to loved ones as you intended
A care home
Often 1 day care assistant to 8 residents – you are one of many.
Have to leave behind family / partner, neighbours, treasured possessions and pets.
Regulated refreshment and meal times. Less flexibility with food options.
Friends and family have restricted visiting hours.
Limited outings with regimented routines.
Communal living
Have to sell your home to fund your care.

We are proudly regulated by the CQC 

We are fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission, which means that you can rest assured about our high standards, knowing that regular independent inspections are carried out, that all of our staff are fully vetted and that we comply with all regulatory standards.
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The benefits of live in care

There are many advantages of choosing Live-in Care over other care solutions.

Stay At Home

Live-in Care allows you to stay at home in familiar surroundings with all of your home comforts.


Our carers are highly trained to make sure we are encouraging our clients to be as active as they can be, we’re here to encourage independence and self-fulfilment.

Your routines

With Live-in Care you are in control of your daily routine (no waiting for your allocated domiciliary care call time, or the tea trolley) you get the support you need, when you need it.
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Respect and dignity
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Open and transparent

Our Core Values

We believe that with care and support created in partnership with each client, we can enable those in our care to enjoy a service which goes beyond a set of care provisions, to provide an enhancement to wellbeing and quality of life. We exist to help our clients enjoy life more.
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Our Core Values
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We ensure that compassion is central to the care and support we provide. We provide and respond with humanity and kindness to each person’s pain, distress, anxiety or need. We pride ourselves on listening carefully without judgement, genuinely connecting, communicating clearly and acknowledging a challenging situation, which enables us to offer thoughtful suggestions, which can be discussed and mutually agreed.
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Respect and dignity

We value every person (clients, family members, our team members) and ensure we are person centred at all times. We provide care and support in a considerate way ensuring your privacy and dignity are actively respected, whilst supporting every individual with their physical and emotional wellbeing. Our carer’s are living in your home and will respect your personal space and possessions
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We ensure every individual gets the right help, support and clear information which enables them to make informed decisions about their care and lifestyle. We have a non-judgemental approach and believe there “is no such thing as a silly question”. Supporting choice requires time and patience whilst considering the options available.
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Open and transparent

We communicate openly, accurately, honestly and authentically. Concerns and complaints can be raised freely without fear. We are always willing to receive feedback and adjust as necessary, we understand each client and situation is different. We firmly believe, openness and transparency are key ingredients to building accountability and trust.
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Reliable live-in care is a team effort, especially over longer periods. Having a large pool of qualified and experienced carers, we can provide continuous, constant care over long periods. Live-in care is an intense occupation, so it is good for you and for the carer to have a change every few weeks. Also, because every carer brings a particular perspective, we develop a more rounded picture of what will help us to make sure that you enjoy life, more and more.
Our live-in care team was established to provide the highest quality home care and support, enabling clients to live in their own homes with dignity, independence and control. To achieve this, our services are designed to meet both specialist care needs, such as help with medication and washing, as well as general needs, such as preparing meals and companionship. Just knowing someone is close by, can be very reassuring for yourself and gives peace of mind to your family members, who may not live nearby knowing that someone is with you 24 hours a day.

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Live-in Care Pricing
We aim to be cheaper than our competitors or a good care home. **
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Our Pricing
Fully managed Live-in Care packages from
Per week
*Subject to assessment
Arrange Care
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Moving to a care home can be emotionally stressful and an unnecessary need. Live-in Care eliminates the stress on you, your loved ones and entire family.
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